Blood Bank


Together, Perth Vet Specialists & Animal EC operate a blood bank so that we have supplies available when sick dogs and cats need a transfusion.

Bleeding tumours, rat bait poisoning, trauma autoimmune diseases and severe anaemia are just some of the reasons that our pets may need blood. Donating blood is a straightforward procedure that carries very little risk to healthy donors. There are, however, some criteria that need to be met:

  • Healthy and free of disease
  • Ideally 1-8 years of age (but healthy older dogs or cats can be used)
  • At least 25kg bodyweight (and not overweight) for dogs; healthy young large cats over 5kg.
  • Vaccinations and heartworm prevention up to date
  • Desexed (if female) and no previous pregnancies
  • Friendly personality

If your dog or cat meets all of these requirements then they are half way to becoming one of our DONOR HEROES. All new donors undergo a screening process of a full physical exam and blood tests. Once they have joined our donor list, blood can be given as often as every 3 months. Collection takes 10-15 minutes but most patients stay in the hospital for 2-3 hours

All donors are given a bag of premium pet food, lots of cuddles and endless amounts of thanks! If you think your dog or cat meets the criteria and would like to register as a donor then please use the email address