Calling More Dogs: PharmAust Cancer Treatment Trial

MAR 21

PharmAust are calling for more Australian dogs with B-cell Lymphoma to participate in clinical trials for their newly reformulated anti-cancer drug, Monepantel.

What is Lymphoma?

Lymphoma is a type of cancer commonly found in dogs. The symptoms include:

  • Swollen or enlarged lymph nodes
  • Lethargy
  • Sudden and/or dramatic weight loss and loss of appetite

According to Dr. Richard Mollard (Chief Scientific Officer, PharmAust) “Currently, there is no cure for B-cell Lymphoma. Usually, only 50% of dogs with B-cell Lymphoma will survive without treatment for around 30 days and the other half will have progressive disease.”

What is Monepantel?

Monepantel is a medication developed for treating B-cell Lymphoma. So far, the trials have shown the drug to be effective for dogs who have not undergone any previous treatment for the cancer and has resulted in stabilisation of the disease and reduced tumour sizes.

At present, the most commonly recommended treatment for B-cell Lymphoma is chemotherapy, which has many limitations and side effects, and unfortunately often sees relapse occurring within six to 12 months of treatment. In comparison, Monepantel is very gentle and although long term treatments have not yet been tested, PharmAust would like to see positive results where monepantel might help dogs live a higher quality of life and a longer life. According to Dr. Mollard “owners of pet dogs with B-cell Lymphoma will then be given a greater choice of treatment options for their dogs”.

Monepantel has already been approved for veterinary use with no safety issues occurring in previous trials, however PharmAust has now reformulated the drug to come in an easy-to-swallow tablet. The previous form was an orally administered liquid, proving to have an unpleasant taste for dogs – “This tablet resolved the taste problem and allowed us to significantly increase the dose being given in a second trial,” said Dr. Mollard.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for this clinical trial program, dogs must:

  • Feel generally well;
  • Have had no previous treatment in the last eight weeks, including corticosteroids;
  • Have no other significant concurrent medical problems;
  • Have good quality of life;
  • Should weigh more than 11kg.

Where are the trials & how do I get involved?

The MPL program will run in New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia at the following sites:

  • Animal Referral Hospital in Homebush (Sydney),
  • Western Australian Veterinary Emergency and Speciality in Success (Perth),
  • Perth Veterinary Specialists in Osborne Park (Perth),
  • Animal Referral Hospital in Sinnamon Park (Brisbane),
  • Veterinary Specialist Services in Underwood (Brisbane).

PharmAust anticipates two additional sites to re-join in Melbourne and Sydney in the near future.

The Monepantel tablets will be administered at home and owners will be asked to make entries in a basic, simple to keep logbook during the trial period.

  • Pet owners interested in enrolling their dog in the MPL trial need to contact their veterinarian for a referral to their nearest trial centre.
  • Veterinarians – for questions about patient referrals or trial sites, please contact Dr Richard Mollard at