Many people are aware that dogs should avoid chocolate – it can be toxic resulting in heart palpitations.

But there is another peril of chocolate eating that Perth dog owners should be aware of around Easter time.

Our balmy Indian summers result in warm weather in March and April, perfect for Easter egg hunts in the garden. The result is softened, melting chocolate eggs nestled in the grass or topsoil.

Every year at PVS we see dogs that have eat melted eggs (maybe with wrappers) as well as a lot of sandy Perth topsoil. The danger comes not only from the small volume of chocolate, but from the amounts of sand, which grate and grind along the lining of the bowel. Sometimes the volume of sand is enough to cause a complete intestinal blockage. Dogs become incredibly sick, with vomiting and dehydration, and usually require hospitalisation.

Fortunately this Easter-peril is easily avoided!

Remove Fido or Spot from the Easter egg hunt, and then hunt around carefully afterwards to pick up any eggs that the kids leave behind!

As always, our clever and compassionate vets at Animal Emergency Care are open 24 hours throughout the Easter weekend for advice – 9204 0400.

This is a radiograph of a little Dachshund who has eaten a lot of sand – it shows up as the white tubular structure. Ouch!