This beautiful boy presented to our emergency department after being diagnosed with a spontaneous pneumothorax at his primary care vet in Bunbury. After the long drive to us, he arrived, struggling to breathe, and was painful and cyanotic upon presentation.

A whopping 3 litres of air was removed from his chest cavity, however Beau was still in a critical condition, Beaus’ case his lungs were leaking oxygen into his chest cavity and hindering the ability for his lungs to expand. Beau had CT imaging and we found he had several bullae within his cranial portion of his lung and a boney mass on the left side.

On discussion with his family, Beau was taken to surgery for rib resection and lung lobectomy of the leaking portion.

Lung lobectomies are particularly invasive and difficult surgeries to perform. Having our experienced team of specialists surgeon and anaesthetist, helps to mitigate some of these difficulties. His anaesthetic was constantly monitored and manipulated to balance normal body homeostasis with the surgical interventions to remove his diseased lung lobe.

The surgery was a success!

Each day Beau improved daily with less discomfort Five days after he was admitted to our hospital, Beau was discharged home to his family and was able to return to Bunbury where we are happy to report he is back to his fun-loving self and has been given a clean bill of health.

Beau captured the hearts of us here at PVS.