Lutz Tucker

My name is Lutz. I’m a 5-year-old German shepherd. I’m a bit of a mummy’s boy so my favourite place is anywhere that is near mum, or on my special mat near the kitchen. I love to travel and if the car door is open, I will leap in at any opportunity!! I even like going to the vets and can’t seem to get there fast enough! I am capable of holding two balls in my mouth at a time. When that’s not enough, I like taking other dog’s balls at the park too! My best friend (and boss) is Peggy the 4kg papillon. She wears the pants ‘cause she was here first. One of my jobs around the house is to be a lifeguard when the children are in the pool. I worry and keep a constant eye on them. What my family loves most about me is my friendliness and eagerness to please.