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The speciality of Oncology is concerned with the diagnosis of cancers and providing the best care for patients with cancer. There are many ways we help pets with cancer, with most focus on quality of life. Medication, surgery, radiation, diet and home therapy can all have a place in caring for pets with cancer. Some medications are best given in hospital, others can be readily given at home.

The first step is a full assessment so that we can work out if more information is needed and what treatment options are most appropriate. We recommend allowing up to an hour for the first consultation.

Cancer Vaccine Trial


We have just commenced a world-first cancer treatment research trial. In conjunction with Curtin University, a vaccine has been developed with the potential to direct the immune system to destroy cancer. If you have a dog with cancer and are interested in considering joining this trial the important points are:

  1. Your dog MUST have a tumour on the OUTSIDE of the body (visible in the mouth is acceptable).
  2. The tumour must be suspected or proven to be a soft tissue sarcoma. (Final tests to confirm this can be done by us at no cost to you).
  3. There must be a visible lump (meaning this treatment is not used after the tumour has been removed).
  4. You must be able to leave your dog with us on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 2 consecutive weeks, and return weekly then monthly for a year. All visits and treatments must be at Perth Veterinary Specialists.
  5. The tumour must not have been treated with chemotherapy or radiation therapy before.
  6. The trial is fully funded, meaning there are no costs for you to cover.
  7. To enter the trial, a blood sample will be collected and tested by Curtin University. ONLY if your dog’s blood reacts to the vaccine will your dog be permitted in the trial.
  8. There are currently 6 spots available. This is limited by the amount of vaccine that has been produced and therefore cannot be extended at present.
  9. This trial has been reviewed and accepted by the Curtin University Animal Ethics Committee.
  10. If you believe your dog may be suitable, please contact us by email only. At the bottom of this page, you can click on the domain name address next to ‘email’. Please write ‘Cancer Vaccine Trial’ in the head of the email.

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