Your Visit

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Your Visit

Thank you for choosing Perth Vet Specialists to assist in the care of your family. We will endeavour to ensure that you and your beloved pet are fully supported through each stage of the treatment to allow for the best outcome for all involved.

We are proud to be the home of some of the finest specialists in not only the state of Western Australia, but in the country. We have onsite specialists in many fields, including orthopaedic & soft tissue surgery, oncology, specialist imaging, internal medicine and dermatology. Our caring team are very passionate about what they do, meaning that every animal we see ends up with a special place in our hearts.

Your journey with us at PVS begins here.

1. The Referral

We are proud to say that we have a fantastic working relationship with our referring vets. We endeavour to work closely with them and share professional expertise and ideas as we ensure the best outcome for you and your beloved pet.

Your vet has sent us a referral for the diagnosis and treatment of your pet’s illness by one of our clinicians. Our specialist clinicians have excellent and broad knowledge of all conditions, but in addition to this they have superb specialist knowledge on complex and unusual cases, and you will be referred to the specialist who is most suited to the issues you are dealing with.

When a booking is made for an initial consult our friendly reception team will take basic contact details for yourself & your lovely pet to set up a record for your upcoming visits.

2. Arrival

You will be asked to “fast” your pet the day of your initial consult. Pets should have no access to any food after their dinner the evening before the date of appointment. Nothing to eat at all from 8pm the night before, and nothing except water in the morning before their visit. See our FAQ’s for more info.

When you arrive, you will be met by one of our caring & approachable receptionists who will make you and your fur baby feel welcome and at ease.

Upon arrival you will weigh your pet and then shown to our comfortable waiting area.

3. Initial Consultation

At your appointment time, you will be greeted by your clinician, who will do a thorough examination and ask you for any details pertinent to diagnosis of the case.

Our vets take the time to explain with you in an open & honest discussion the nature of their recommendations, and most effective treatment plan.

If the problem needs further investigation and you are in agreement that it is the best course of action, they will be admitted to the hospital and prepared in our treatment preparation area. While it is always a hub of activity, it is also calm and spacious.

4. Admission

If you and your designated clinician agree that the presenting problem requires more analysis & further investigation, your pet will be admitted to the hospital.

A dedicated prep nurse will be allocated to remain with your pet to hold their paw and comfort them throughout the next stages of their treatment.

While Perth Vet Specialists is always a thriving base of activity, our dedicated Veterinary Care team work consistently to maintain a calm and caring environment.

5. Imaging

Some patients admitted to hospital may require some sort of imaging procedure. We offer all forms of this, including ultrasound, radiography or more advanced diagnostic imaging in the form of MRI or CT scans.

Should this be necessary for your pet, they will be prepped accordingly, and the schedule arranged to ensure as timely a diagnosis as possible. We believe that our imaging modalities enable more accurate and timely diagnosis in the cases of routine and potentially urgent, life-threatening conditions.

We are delighted to say that as we are able to provide this advanced analysis facility, our patients can be treated within a shorter time frame.

6. Theatre

We have 2 theatre suites fully equipped with modern equipment and patient monitoring facilities. Our dedicated team of vets & nurses are available to provide the most reliable and effective procedures to ensure the best outcome for your fur family should your pet require a procedure.

7. Recovery & Accommodation Facilities

During their stay with us, your pet will be welcomed into our safe & comfortable accommodation area, where they will have their own dedicated healing space.

All patients are closely monitored by our team of vets and nurses ensuring all aspects of inpatient care are met in a timely & professional manner.

We like to think of our facility as a “home away from home” and pride ourselves on maintaining a low-stress, relaxing & comfortable experience for everyone visiting.

We offer both indoor temperature-controlled spaces & outdoor options for our patients. We have a grassy courtyard where we ensure our patients have regular bathroom breaks and exercise opportunities, as appropriate throughout their care.

We also have dedicated a cat and exotic pet accommodation area. This is in a separate area from our canine friends, to allow all patients to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

For those patients who may need to stay with us for longer than one day to ensure optimal recovery, we can facilitate for this using our dedicated Emergency Team who operate on a 24-hour basis. They provide round-the-clock care from the same space, to minimise any disruption to your pet during their stay with us.

8. Discharge

Discharge: Once you are informed that your pet has been cleared to go home, you can arrange a time to collect your pet. Upon discharge the clinician will give you an update on your pet, including current diagnosis, medication needs and next steps. They will also provide information to your referring vet about the case and treatment as required.

Payment: The reception team will discuss payment options (including, Afterpay, Vetpay, Eftpos, or cash) to settle the account and process any necessary payments. We can also process insurance claims, through the E-Claim system once this has been paid off, or we would be delighted to speak with you about the options for our Gap-Only Insurance, depending on your cover.

You can read more here about our payment options.

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