PVS is proud to offer a specialist-led anaesthesia and analgesia service for our patients, supported by our team of highly trained veterinary nurses.

How our veterinary anaesthesia team can help you.

Sedation and anaesthesia are important aspects of the diagnosis and management of our patients.

To minimise the risk associated with anaesthesia or sedation every patient has a specific plan tailored to their needs, including appropriate pain relief. We make a concerted effort to further reduce the risk of anaesthesia by having a highly trained team allocated to monitor that patient for the duration of their procedure and their recovery from anaesthesia.

A variety of drugs and techniques are available such as regional local anaesthesia and analgesia and localised nerve blocks to aid in providing the best possible patient care for your pet. We also use advanced monitoring techniques and equipment to enable a smooth transition through difficult and sometimes life-changing procedures.

Some of the types of cases we can provide advanced level anaesthesia for include:

  • Interventional cardiology cases or patients with cardiac disease
  • Trauma patients or patients with multiple injuries
  • Critically ill patients
  • Patients with neurological problems such as spine or brain surgery
  • Patients with chronic illness such as endocrine, renal and hepatic or disease
  • Oncological surgery
  • Orthopaedic surgery

What You Can Expect

At PVS, safe anaesthesia and continuous monitoring are a priority. We have the latest in anaesthetic monitoring equipment including physiological monitors, invasive blood pressures, advanced ventilation, capnography and agent monitoring.

We also feel strongly about minimizing our patients’ pain before, during and after surgery. We commonly use local techniques, multi-modal drug protocol and nursing to monitor and improve any discomfort our patients may experience. Both peri-operatively within the hospital and their home.

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